7 Day Reading Plus Challenge

How Holy Spirit Primary School soared to success with Reading Plus by challenging the pupils to use Reading Plus at home.

One of the key factors of implementing Reading Plus successfully is to ensure that pupils are completing lessons and hitting their usage targets. Usage is key to progressing through the program and has a significant impact on pupils’ reading development and comprehension. Finding extra time in the school day to go over and above the minimum usage for Reading Plus can be difficult, therefore we recommend that pupils supplement their learning in school by using Reading Plus at home.

To encourage usage of Reading Plus, schools have been creative in developing fun challenges that boost pupils’ motivation outside of the classroom.

One school that introduced such a challenge and found a positive impact by doing so, is Holy Spirit Primary School. Deputy Headteacher, Sinéad Walsh, explains the success of the 7 Day Reading Plus Challenge they introduced to their pupils.

“At Holy Spirit, our school mission statement is ‘Live, Love, Learn. Together we will soar to new heights.’ To help our children in Year 6 soar to the highest height in Reading Plus last month, we organised a 7 Day Reading Plus Challenge. This challenge was to support and boost all children in Year 6 with both their Reading Plus usage and Combos – this in turn will help them progress to the next level and increase their reading speed.

We provided all our Year 6 children with Kindle Fires for completed Reading Plus at home; this is a great incentive for motivating the children to complete a lesson each night. We also complete assignments during the first lesson of each day. This really settles our children and gives them an accelerated start to the day, especially when they have levelled up or earned another Combo!

Another way to our pupils stay motivated with Reading Plus, is through the certificates that they receive through the program and also through our UK Account Managers. The children love these! The pupils earn these certificates when they unlock a new level and make significant progress in Reading Plus.

This is our second year using Reading Plus and our children and staff and feel that it is instrumental to securing good outcomes at the end of Year 6 in reading.

One of the reasons we created the 7 Day Reading Plus Challenge was that we had found some of our children were close to unlocking new levels, but just needed a little extra usage. Our parents are extremely supportive and we alerted them to the challenge through our parent text service Marvellous Me. We gave the parents a ‘Super Parent’ badge for helping encourage their child to complete the challenge.

We also launched the challenge on social media via our Twitter page (@HolySpiritWA9). The parents tweeted their children completing Reading Plus at home, which was a great incentive for the whole class.

As a result of the 7 Day Reading Plus Challenge, many of our children made additional progress that they wouldn’t have if they had not completed these additional sessions.

At the end of the week, all 30 of our Year 6 children were awarded with a treat and a 7 Day Reading Plus Challenge certificate, to add to their Reading Plus repertoire of certificates, which they proudly display at home.

Each and every child loved participating in the challenge; they competed with each other and praised each other for their efforts throughout the week. We found children were progressing to the next level as a result of the additional Reading Plus sessions throughout the challenge. They were so proud of themselves, as were we as their teachers.

Previous to the 7 Day Reading Plus Challenge, we had encouraged our children to complete Reading Plus 2-3 times per week at home. However, we found this challenge had more of an impact, and plan to run the 7 Day Reading Plus Challenge each month. A Reading Plus trophy, that was kindly donated by Reading Solutions UK, will be passed onto the child that makes the most progress from their starting point – taken from the first day of the challenge.

Why not give it a go in your school? You won’t regret it”

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