Announcement: New Reading Plus Texts Available!

Over the past few weeks, your pupils have been enjoying exciting new content on Reading Plus.

This week, we are very excited to release the final 20 Reading Plus texts ranging from Levels G – H!

Now, your pupils can enjoy 100 new texts that will challenge their understanding, but most importantly, engage them in reading for pleasure.

Here are our top picks from the new releases:

Stephen Hawking: Cosmologist

Read about one of Britain’s most valued scientists, who never stopped trying to figure out the universe, even though he was at war with his own body. (Level G)






A Brave Teenager

In some parts of the world, it is very difficult for children to stay in school, especially girls. But Malala is one girl who risked her life every day to make sure she had an education. (Level G).






Have your pupils been enjoying reading the new texts? Or just using Reading Plus in general? Let us know! You can find us on Twitter at @ReadSolutionsUK or our brand new LinkedIn Page!