Announcement: New Reading Plus Texts Available!

As you return to school after the summer holidays, you may have noticed that Reading Plus has undergone some exciting new developments. The most prominent development is the shiny new Management System for teachers and staff members. But, the most exciting development is the release of brand new Reading Plus texts!

Over the summer, our team worked very hard to bring your pupils fresh, new content on Reading Plus, ready for the new academic year.

We are very happy to announce that your readers can now access 30 brand new texts ranging from Levels Pre-A to C! Our expanded range of high-quality fiction and non-fiction texts means your children are spoiled for choice about what to read next!

Here is a sneak peek of what we have been working on:
The Fastest Man:

Read about the man who many people believe is the fastest runner in the world (he has enough Olympic medals to prove it!). (Level A)






He Was Left With Nothing:

Your pupils can read a mythical tale about the Roman God Mercury and two men who learn a very important lesson about honesty and greed. (Level B)






The Mariana Trench:

Dive into this journey with film Director James Cameron as he explores the deepest part of the ocean all by himself. (Level C)






But that’s not all! We have also been working on texts spanning Levels D to H! Keep an eye open for an email or check our Twitter @ReadSolutionsUK for our new releases!