New Reading Plus Features for Students! – July 2020

We have a new range of features especially for Reading Plus students when they log in on 18th July 2020.

From more independent reading, to a personalised support program, be comfortable in the knowledge that your students can continue to enjoy Reading Plus during the summer break.

Read all about the new update below:


More Chances to Read Stories Independently

The new Reading Plus update gives more control to students on how they want to read their stories/texts when they reach their target level. The more progress they make, the more opportunities they will have at reading independently!


New Personalised Support Program

Students will now have access to short videos and downloadable worksheets that are tailored to support the reading skills they are struggling with. They can access this content directly from their Reading Plus Dashboard.

Look out for the Skills Coach tab on their home page!


A New Way to Change their G-Rate Speed

There is now a simpler and more accurate way for students to adjust the speed of their Guided Window. The new ‘Slider Tool’ will appear at the end of their Reading Lessons. Students simply slide the marker left or right if they want to increase or decrease their G-Rate speed.


New Filtering Tool When Choosing Texts

Students can now click to filter their Reading Plus text selections between fiction and non-fiction. With an ever-growing library of texts being published on the program, these new filters will come in useful!


Avoid Impulsive Answers

A new ‘Submit’ button will be present during the students’ comprehension questions. They will select their answer and then press ‘Submit’ before moving onto the next question.

Less rushing and impulsive guessing and more time to think about their answers (and use a ReRead!).


For our Reading Plus Teachers, keep an eye out for new updates coming to the Educator Site in September!

We hope your pupils enjoy these brand new Reading Plus features! If you have any questions about the Reading Plus update, please contact