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Errington Primary School Case Study – 2017-2018

This case study shows the impact Reading Plus® has had on reading stamina, comprehension and developing a love of reading with Year 6 pupils.

Headteacher, Sharon Robertson, explains how they successfully implemented the program.

“Before we trialled Reading Plus, we found that our pupils were not reading at the appropriate speed and were unable to fully access age-appropriate texts. Furthermore, our pupils were not engaging with texts and consequently had little passion and motivation for reading. Due to limited school budgets, we needed a cost-effective method that would improve our pupils’ reading stamina and get our pupils enthusiastic about reading.

I attended a ‘Show and Tell’ event at Askwith Primary School at the end of the summer term in 2017 where I had the opportunity to see Reading Plus in action. We then trialled Reading Plus with our Year 6 cohort and four weeks later we introduced our Year 5 pupils to the program. We later rolled out the software school-wide.

With consistent usage, fostered through a strong implementation plan, we found our pupils’ reading fluency, stamina and comprehension improved significantly. This was heavily reflected within our SATs results, but we also saw huge improvements in our pupils’ engagement with reading.


SATs Results 2018

Out of a cohort of 26 pupils, we achieved an 88% pass rate. This was an increase of 15% from 2017. 36% of the pupils achieved Greater Depth. An increase of 20%.

We could see a strong correlation between their Reading Plus Level at the end of the year and their SATs result. The pupils who had used the program more proficiently had shown exceptional gains through strong use of the program. Pupils who used the program consistently were able to progress to the higher levels and read the more complex texts. This is reflected in the graph below when we compare it to scaled scores.”



What we found valuable using Reading Plus

“We found many features of Reading Plus insightful. The initial summative assessment provides clear and meaningful baseline information within one hour. The formative reports allow us to easily identify who is making strong progress and are just as effective in helping target children who are struggling within particular domains of reading. The Groups function allows us to identify struggling readers for a targeted intervention.

The pupils enjoy the competitive element of the program using the Leaderboard certificate (created using the Leaderboard Report ). This is presented in class each week, as it shows who is the best performer in a range of different categories, rather than just highlighting the strongest reader. Further summative benchmark assessments provide  insightful data which we can share with the pupils so they can visually see the progress they have made on a term-by-term basis.

We also greatly value the support that we receive from our UK Account Manager. They are always here to help us and endeavour to tailor Reading Plus to our individual needs, thus ensuring we are using the program to our advantage. The regular reports that we receive are in-depth, insightful and are resourceful, to show the progress our pupils are making at staff meetings.”

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