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Reading Plus Case Study: How Effective Implementation Leads to Efficient Readers

This case study showcases Castledyke Primary School’s excellent implementation of Reading Plus® and how they have successfully integrated the program into their school curriculum, including day-to-day lesson planning. The school purchased Reading Plus® in May 2019 for two Year 6 classes (totalling 42 pupils) with the main objective of increasing reading stamina and improving comprehension.

English Lead, Jacqui Peck, emphasises the importance of passionate teaching and structured timetabling, which has led to her pupils becoming more efficient readers that are confident in completing assessments and passionate about reading. Jacqui explains:


Structured Timetabling is Key

“After the initial assessment, we timetable 3 x 30-minute sessions into our school week. The initial baseline assessment data identifies pupils who require more targeted intervention, meaning we can assign extra time to these pupils during the school day.

Our pupils complete one Reading Plus session at the beginning of the day, leaving the final thirty minutes for reading. We find that during the final thirty minutes, our pupils are enthusiastic to discuss the Reading Plus texts they have read and how much they have enjoyed it. We are finding that as they read more texts over the weeks, they can access content relating to other subjects in the curriculum, creating more meaningful, class-led discussions.

As well as completing lessons in schools, we also assign three reading lessons to complete as homework on a weekly basis. For those pupils who don’t have access to Reading Plus at home, we open up a classroom during lunchtime in order for pupils to complete their assigned reading lessons.”


Using Reports and Messaging as Motivational Tools

“We use the Reading Plus Leaderboard Report as a method of daily praise and motivation. This report ranks the pupils in each class in different categories such as words read and most Combos achieved. We display a daily Leaderboard report in the classroom and a weekly report every Friday. The ability to toggle the pupils’ rankings means that teachers can choose what area of reading they want to push our pupils on that day (i.e. comprehension scores, Combos, lessons completed). Because the report changes on a daily basis, our children are always curious to see who will be at the top that day!

The response to the Leaderboard Report has been overwhelmingly positive, especially since the pupils who may not have been ranking high in one area, are at the top in other areas. Often these pupils are part of intervention groups, so it has given them a great boost! We can also identify pupils who may need extra support, which feeds into our lesson plans for the day.

I also use the messaging function on Reading Plus to send messages to any pupils that need some help or reminders (i.e. to use their ReReads). It allows for more efficient monitoring of our class and opens up a discussion between us, as the teacher, and the pupil about their reading progress and areas for improvement.”


Teacher-Friendly Resources for Targeted Intervention

“We find that Skills Summary Report gives us an in-depth look at the data for targeted group intervention. We can quickly identify groups of 2-3 pupils that are struggling with the same domains of reading and print off the relevant Offline Worksheets. We find the Reading Plus worksheets very teacher-friendly and I am confident for my Teaching Assistant to lead the intervention groups as they work through the sheets. The pupils then put the completed worksheets in their exercise books as evidence for their intervention work, and it also saves us time so we can work with other pupils.”


Passionate Teaching and Praise Leads to Engaged Pupils

“Not only do we take advantage of the Leaderboard Report as a motivational tool, but I also ensure that the children are praised for their achievements on Reading Plus, which is something that I involve the school in. During the weekly assemblies, we present the pupils with their Level Awards and other certificates provided by our Reading Solutions UK Account Manager in the reports they send. Our enthusiasm about these awards feeds through to the children and this reflects in their engagement and enjoyment of Reading Plus.”

The pupils also completed a short questionnaire on how they feel about using Reading Plus. The results below show that:

  • 97% of the pupils agree that Reading Plus has helped them become stronger, more confident readers.
  • 90% of the pupils agree that Reading Plus has helped them improve their comprehension skills.
  • 95% of the pupils agree that Reading Plus has helped them become more confident during other assessments.

This case study has shown how effective implementation of Reading Plus can lead to more efficient and engaged readers. Taking advantage of the teacher-friendly resources and tailoring the reports for your classes needs, leads to more targeted intervention and saves teacher-time. Ultimately, it shows that teachers who are enthusiastic about Reading Plus leads to pupils who enjoy reading and become confident readers.


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