Endeavour Primary Academy Receives One Education Reading Award

Assistant Headteacher, Lisa Cantrell, talks about how Reading Plus played a key contributor in the school’s successful bid to receive a One Education Silver Standard Reading Award.


One Education’s Reading Award

Prior to trialling Reading Plus, and also applying for the Reading Award, the majority of pupils in the school were not engaged with their reading, and it was not an activity that was encouraged at home. Lisa heard about the reading award whilst attending a One Education Literacy Conference, and it provided an opportunity to improve standards in reading and raise awareness in reading for pleasure in school.

The award is split into 3 sections: Decoding (phonics), Reading for Understanding (comprehension) and Reading for Pleasure. To qualify for the award, schools need to deliver evidence that they have been successfully reading and targeting these three areas for 12 months.

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How did Reading Plus contribute to their bid for the award?

Reading Plus is a web-based reading program that builds upon the foundational skills of phonics and phonemic awareness to develop silent reading fluency and stamina, comprehension and vocabulary. Endeavour Primary Academy purchased Reading Plus in November 2018, following a successful 8-week pilot. The program is built into the school’s reading curriculum for all pupils in Years 4 to 6. Lisa explains that the program has mainly contributed to the sections of the award: Reading for Understanding and Reading for Pleasure.

By providing evidence of their usage on Reading Plus via the easy-to-understand reports, the school was able to submit a clear picture of their children’s formative and summative progress with their reading.

“Reading Plus helped us in the sections concerned with assessment and reading intervention.  As well as generating a love for reading and encouraging reluctant readers in Key Stage 2.” – Lisa Cantrell


Reading for Understanding

The style of the Reading Plus lessons contributes significantly to the second category of the Reading Award – Reading for Understanding. Silent reading fluency and comprehension underpins the main core of Reading Plus through the children’s weekly reading lessons.

The initial assessment on Reading Plus places the pupils on their appropriate reading level and ensures that they are accessing rich and engaging texts. The assessment also highlights those children who are struggling with stamina, fluency, and vocabulary, which evidences impact for senior leaders. By referencing Lexile measures, children and teachers can search for a wide range of books that are personalised for individual reading levels.

The school emphasised how the ability to drill down into each individual pupils’ progress on a weekly basis, coupled with the assessments provided crucial data that contributed greatly to their achievement.

This demonstrates how Reading Plus has seamlessly integrated into Endeavour’s whole-school policy on reading development and reading for pleasure.

Reading for Pleasure

The wide variety of fiction, non-fiction and informational texts on Reading Plus allows children to choose what they want to read whilst offering opportunities to explore new genres. Combined with their improved silent reading fluency when using Reading Plus, this leads to more confident and engaged readers.

The ability to access Reading Plus at home means that children can continue their reading outside of the classroom, which is key to promoting reading for pleasure. It also encourages parents to be involved with their child’s reading, which is a significant motivator.

We are very proud of Endeavour Academy’s reading achievement and that they found Reading Plus a key part of their success.


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