New Reading Plus Educator Site: What You Need To Know

As you may have heard through various announcements, the current Reading Plus Educator Site is due to retire at the end of this academic year, making way for a new, upgraded version!

With Beta, you can look forward to seamless navigation, more sophisticated progress reports, and even easier to use admin tools.

What Changes Can I Expect From Beta?

The first major change that you will notice is the new Teacher Dashboard. As well as the familiar Actions and Alerts tabs, you can now view a snapshot of overall school/class usage and progress plus the new Leaderboard report for all classes.

Drilling down, monitoring classes and personalising settings is more intuitive. For example, you can now assign ReReads to both class and individual levels! That means you can monitor classes collectively, compare data and evidence impact for every pupil in just a few clicks.

Can I take a Peek at this Now?

Of course!

Simply log into Reading Plus and select Try Beta. You can then browse the new management system and become orientated with the new layout. This will make for a more seamless transition when the new site officially launches on the 19th July/

If you have never logged onto the Beta site before, there is an initial pop-up that will ask you if you want to take a tour of Beta. This will show you how to navigate the system and access the reports.

Is Beta the Finished Product?

Not yet.

The Reading Plus Beta management system is currently in the development stages. This means there are still features to upload and upgrades to install before it goes live. However, the Beta site, as it is, provides a clear and comprehensive look at what you can expect from the brand new Educator Site, as of September 2019.

How Can I Keep Up To Date With The New Developments?

We will be posting regular updates via our newsletters and social media in relation to the new Reading Plus Educator Site.

If you have any queries about the Beta site, you can contact your dedicated UK Account Manager.