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4 Steps to Pupils’ Success

Step 1: Good and Consistent Usage

To build proficiency it is important that pupils settle into a routine of using Reading PlusReading Plus® as soon as possible. For this reason, we would strongly recommend that Reading Plus is timetabled into the school day (this is especially important for pupils who are significantly behind and/or have more complex needs).

As best practice, we would recommend a minimum of 3 sessions per week, 30 minutes per session. Increasing weekly lesson assignments will build proficiency quicker.

Pupils should be monitoring their usage against weekly targets through their Dashboard, whilst teachers can monitor usage through the Educator login (see Reading Solutions UK –  Understanding Your Teacher Dashboard ).

Step 2: Achieving 80%+ Comprehension scores in the Reading Component

The more that a pupil uses Reading Plus, the quicker they adapt to the program, and experience success.

Pupils should be aiming to achieve 80%+ in Comp scores within the first 1-2 weeks on Reading Plus (Comp score = the number of correct answers out of the 10 for the questions following the reading passages). 

To help children reach their target scores they should be encouraged to use their  ReReads. ReReads are the most important support scaffold pupils can use when they are answering the comprehension questions. Re-reading text allows pupils to practice retrieving information before answering the question, rather than guessing.

Step 3: Building Combos

Combos are the key to unlocking new levels in the Reading component (SeeReader®). To earn a Combo, pupils will need to complete two Reading Lessons in a row at 80%+.

Gold Combos are awarded for comprehension scores at 100%.

Silver Combos are awarded for comprehension scores at 90%+

Bronze Combos are awarded for comprehension scores at 80%+

Pupils can track their comprehension scores and the amount of Combos they have earned from their Pupil Dashboard, whilst teachers can monitor their pupils’ Combos through the Educator login.

Step 4: Levelling Up

Pupils must achieve a certain number of Combos in order to progress to the next level. The amount of Combos needed can range from five to ten Combos, depending on the pupil’s personalised instructional goals. Pupils who are reading at rates that are below their year-level goals may be required to complete more Combos.

Once a pupil has earned all of their required Combos on their current level, they will progress to the next level and also earn a printable Level Award certificate.