Teachers Hub

Adding New Staff Members

Note: Only staff members with Administrator Rights are able to create or remove new accounts for teachers.


Adding Individual Members of Staff

To create a Reading Plus Staff Account:
1. Click the orange Manage button on the left side of your screen.
2. Click the Staff tab.
3. Click the Create Staff button.
4. Enter information in all fields.
a. Enter the first and last name, email address, and username (email address highly recommended).
b. Click the Role dropdown and select either Site Administrator or Teacher.
5. Assign the staff member to the Site (School) and a Class or Group, if desired.
6. Click Create.

The new staff member will receive an email with a link to set his or her password. After setting a password, they will be able to log in to his or her Reading Plus account.


Adding a Large Number of Staff

The Importer allows Reading Plus administrators to create a large number of staff accounts at one time. Please follow the steps provided to prepare your import file.

Tip: Make sure your file is named “teachers” or and saved in a CSV format; otherwise, the import will not be successful. After you have prepared the file and saved it with the proper name, simply login to your Reading Plus administrator account and follow the steps below:

  1. Click the orange Manage button on the left side of your screen.
  2. Click the Sites tab.
  3. Click the Import button. If needed, download and review the Staff Import Guidelines. If needed, download the Import Templates and create your files. Ensure that your file is named correctly.
  4. Select or drag and drop the file into the appropriate box to import staff.