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Best Practice Hints and Tips

What happens if a pupil forgets their password?

Please see Reading Solutions UK – Editing and Locking Pupil Passwords. If you need any extra support, please contact your Reading Plus® UK Account Manager.


What happens if I forget my password to log in to Reading Plus as a teacher?

Follow the link below which will take you through how to reset your password. You will need to enter the email address set up on your Reading Plus account https://teachersupport.readingplus.com/athena/reset.

Once completed you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. This link expires after 2 hours.


How can I access Reports and view pupil progress?

You can access pupil’s progress by selecting Reports in Teacher or Admin View. Select the class, type of report you want to view, and the time period from the dropdown menu. If you have any queries on how to access or interpret the reports, please contact your Reading Plus® UK Account Manager or support@readingsolutionsuk.com for further help.


How are Levels Unlocked?

Pupils unlock Levels by earning Combos (2 x 80%+ consecutive comprehension scores). The number of Combos required is set specifically for each pupil but is typically between 5 and 10.


Can I set Reading Plus® as homework?

Yes! Pupils can access Reading Plus at home if they have a computer/tablet and access to the internet. You can view and print the Home Use Letter in your Admin View, which pupils can give to their parents (see also https://readingsolutionsuk.co.uk/resource-category/getting-started/).


What happens if a pupil is On Hold?

Pupils are placed on Hold when they are shown to be struggling within the program. You will be alerted to any pupils who have been placed on Hold via the Actions and Alerts Tab located on your Teacher Dashboard. Alerts are shown by the orange warning triangle. You can then select the pupil that is on Hold, clear their Hold and send them a message. We recommend that a teacher is logged into Reading Plus whilst the pupils are using the program in order to clear Alerts immediately.


How can I change the speed of the Guided Window (G-Rate) for a pupil?

The Reading component will automatically change the G-Rate as progress is made. You can ask your UK Account Manager for further help changing the G-Rate.


What are ReReads and why are they important?

The ReRead button is a support strategy that can improve comprehension scores. If pupils are not sure of an answer, they can click the ReRead button, which will display an isolated part of the text that contains the answer. Pupils will find ReReads in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen when they are answering the comprehension questions.


How do I issue more ReReads?

To increase a pupil’s ReReads, you need to select the individual pupil’s Settings. Then select Program Settings. You can select the new amount of ReReads from the dropdown menu. All pupils are automatically assigned 2 ReReads and can have a maximum of 5.