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Clearing Cache and Cookies

Sometimes a pupil’s Reading Plus® experience may be disrupted due to the Cache and Cookies stored on the browser. This is often caused by out of date temporary files in the web browser.  Temporary files like these update on a regular basis, and if the browser is holding onto older cache or cookies for too long, it can become an issue. Below are instructions for each supported web browser on how to clear out these temporary files. The pupil’s progress or completed work on Reading Plus will not be affected.


Google Chrome

– Open Chrome.

– Select the three vertical dots in the top-right corner.

– Hover over ‘more tools’.

– Click ‘Clear Browsing Data’.

– Select ‘All Time’.

– All three boxes should be checked – Browsing History, Cookies and other site data, and cashed images and files.

– Click ‘Clear Data’.

– When this is finished, close Google Chrome entirely and open it again.


Internet Explorer

– Open Internet Explorer

– Click on “Tools” in the top-right corner (gear / cog icon)

– Click “Internet Options”

– Under “Browsing history” select the button “Delete…”

– Be sure the top four items have been selected

– Click “Delete”

– When finished, close Internet Explorer and open it again.


Mozilla Firefox

– Open Mozilla Firefox

– Select the three horizontal bars in the top-right corner

– Click “Preferences” on the left side of the page

– Select the “Privacy” tab

– Select “Clear your recent history”

– Select “Everything” from the “Time range” drop-down menu

– Select 3 items from the list: Cookies, Cache, and Active Logins

– Click “Clear Now”

– When this is finished, close Firefox and open it again.


Safari Browser on Mac

– Open Safari

– Click the Safari menu

– Click “Clear History…”

– Select “All History…”

– Click “Clear History”