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RSUK: Six Top Tips for Terrific Results

Teacher Tip 1 – Encourage the use of  ReReads

ReReads are a support strategy that can improve pupils’ comprehension scores in SeeReader® (Reading lessons).

If pupils are not sure of an answer, they can click on the ReRead button to return to the part of the text that includes the answer.

A pupil can be assigned up to 5 ReReads for every 10 comprehension questions.


Teacher Tip 2 – Build Combos

Pupils earn a Combo when they complete 2 Reading lessons (SeeReader®) in a row at 80%+ comprehension score.

Combos are the building blocks for pupils progression on Reading Plus® as they demonstrate that pupils are consistently reading with understanding. The key to earning Combos is using ReReads.


Teacher Tip 3– Monitor Alerts

Whilst pupils work on Reading Plus®, make sure that you are logged on to your Educator account to look out for any Alerts from your Teacher Dashboard. A Hold Alerts will indicate that a child is locked out of the program and will not be able to read until released.

If there is a number next to the Awards tab, this indicates that a pupil has advanced to the next level. Select the Awards tab to print off and present the certificate to the pupil and to send the pupil a congratulatory message.



Teacher Tip 4 – Know the difference between G-rate and I-rate

G-rate (wpm) is reading rate (speed) that pupils are reading at within the Guided Window.  This can be viewed in the Progress    Report and by drilling into a pupil’s activity page.

I-rate is the Independent reading rate (wpm). Once pupils are reading at a rate commensurate with their reading age, the G-rate and I-rate are alternated between Reading lessons (SeeReader®) text selections. This is to test if the skills learned when reading with the Guided Window have been transferred to independent reading.



Teacher Tip 5 – Use the ‘traffic lights’ system to monitor class activity

Selecting Assignments in Teacher View allows you to track pupils Reading lessons (SeeReader®) comprehension scores.

Each individual bar represents a text selection in the  (SeeReader®) column.

The aim is to achieve consistent 80% comprehension scores (green bars). Yellow bars indicate comprehension scores of between 70-79%, orange bars indicate comprehension scores of less than 70%.

Struggling pupils may need reminding of the ReRead function and/or the number of ReReads increasing to help increase their comprehension scores.


Teacher Tip 6 –  Powers

Please remind pupils to look out for the Power button on their dashboard.  Powers are earned by completing 3 or more Reading lessons (SeeReader®)  in a row at 80%+.

By selecting to use a Power, pupils can add an extra 10% (10 points) on to a Reading lesson. Powers never expire!