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Understanding Pupil Holds and Alerts

Within your Teacher Dashboard, you are able to see instantly if pupils are struggling within the program. For this reason we would recommend that you are logged in to Reading Plus® whilst the pupils are completing their assignments to monitor struggling pupils through the Actions panel.

Within the Actions panel, the Alerts icon signals to you, as the teacher, that a pupil is struggling or off-task. When this happens, the pupil is placed On Hold and cannot access the program until the teacher has addressed the issue.

The On Hold function is an in-built Reading Plus® intervention feature, and a pupil can be placed On Hold if:
  1. The pupil scores below 70% in three consecutive lessons
  2. The pupil scores below 70% in three out of four lessons, with the fourth lesson below 70%
  3. The pupil completes seven lessons without a Combo achievement and the seventh lesson is below 70%
  4. The pupil is reading too fast or too slowly when reading without the Guided Window (i.e. they are off-task).

The Hold function is not designed to discourage the pupils, but is there to inform a member of the teaching staff that the pupil is struggling with the program. Once alerted, you (as the teacher) can review the pupil’s progress and make any necessary adjustments to support the pupil. Ways in which you can make adjustments to help support the pupil include:

  1. Adjusting their Content Level

Pupils may be struggling with the complexity of their level—simply moving them to a lower level can help to build their confidence.

  1. Adjusting their G-Rate (their reading speed within the Guided Window)

You may find that the Guided Window might be moving too fast or too slowly, therefore the pupil can’t absorb the information properly. Try increasing or decreasing the G-Rate by 5 words         per minute and monitor the impact.

  1. Increasing the number of ReReads

If the pupils are consistently using all of their assigned ReReads and are still struggling, increasing the number of ReReads can help as scaffolds for answering comprehension questions. Pupils can be assigned a maximum of 5 ReReads for every 10 questions.

  1. Assigning more Visual Skills (iBalance) lessons

Pupils may need some extra training in terms of scanning texts and developing the physical skill of reading. Increasing the number of iBalance lessons can help them with this.

The program also has built-in interventions that may automatically occur when a pupil has been placed On Hold:
  1. Lowering the G-Rate
  2. Instructing pupils to repeat lessons to improve their comprehension scores
  3. Instructing them to repeat a level.


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