Michael Walker is the Founder and Managing Director of Reading Solutions UK. He has almost 30 years’ experience in education, 11 years of which was spent teaching in primary and secondary education.

After leaving the classroom in 2000, Michael has specialised in the use of new and emerging technologies in education, including writing and producing interactive training DVD’s and websites for teachers on best practice, VLE development, and, for the past 13 years, technology-based reading development programs.

Michael introduced Reading Plus to the UK in 2014 as there were no comparable programs on the market in the UK specifically designed to close the gap in children’s silent reading fluency and stamina.

Ian Fitzpatrick is the Director of Sales at Reading Solutions UK. Ian has 9 years’ experience specialising in reading programs, including managing consultancy teams, recruiting schools and coordinating multi-agency projects at senior management level.

If you would like to speak with either Michael or Ian regarding reading development within your school, or to present at your event, please contact us.