It is a really good resource and we have found that the after care service from the company is second to none in helping schools get it set up and interpreting what is happening with the children.

Beverley McCallion, Headteacher
Bede Community Primary School

We have been thrilled to see the dramatic impact that Reading Plus has had in our school in less than one year. Not only did the reading data in Y6 increase by 24% since the previous year, but more importantly, the children’s confidence in tackling challenging texts soared! It has been an absolute joy to see the most reluctant of readers change their mindset in such a short period of time and seek additional opportunities to access this provision outside of lessons to further develop their inference skills and reading speed.

This programme has been incredibly easy to implement due to the excellent support from Jonny and his colleagues, from baselining pupils to monitoring and reporting progress. The team have provided regular motivational updates to challenge all learners and the children really responded well to the avatars and certificates. The dashboard is particularly useful for monitoring the range of material the children are accessing.

Due to the increase in reading data this year, our combined scores have increased by 20%. Well worth the investment!

Our current Y5 class are already up and running on Reading Plus and we are excited to see how they develop as proficient and resilient readers who love a wide range of literature.

Claire Park, Headteacher
The Village Primary

We began using Reading Plus at Barley Fields Primary in January 2018. It was an approach that quickly appealed to our children and motivated their sustained interest in reading. The support from Reading Plus staff has been excellent, from CPD for teaching staff to workshops with children. I have been amazed at the impact Reading Plus has had on our SATs outcomes this year, our percentages of children attaining at the higher standard national standard have almost doubled.

Caroline Taylor, Headteacher
Barley Fields Primary School

Reading Plus has certainly given our pupils a positive attitude towards reading. The instant feedback and rewards have motivated them to read more accurately with increasing speed and focus, and develop a new determination and tenacity in their efforts to achieve. What is most encouraging is that pupils are now transferring the skills used in Reading Plus and approaching examination style texts with more confidence and determination.

Sue Davies, Senior Teacher
Thornhill School

Year 6 have loved Reading Plus and I strongly believe that it has fully prepared them with the stamina to get through their reading SAT. Previous to this year our children have really struggled with their stamina. We are delighted with the outcomes of the programme this year, as our Year 6. We look forward to the (SAT’S) results and I am excited to begin it with a Year 5 new class – it will give them all a great head start to Year 6!

Sinead Walsh, Deputy Headteacher
Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School

As a school that is new to Reading Plus we are very pleased with the impact it has had. The children look forward to their Reading Plus sessions and have been motivated to use the program to extend their learning at home. Reading plus has given our children a hunger for reading success and they show immense pride when receiving their level up certificates in whole school assemblies.

Nerys Thornton, Deputy Head Teacher
Thorntree Primary School

We are now into our second year of Reading Plus having implemented the program from Year 2 through to Year 6.

The children are engaged and enjoy using the program both in school and at home. They really like that they are able to compete amongst themselves for achievements and awards. We have found that regular use of this program has significantly improved the reading levels of all our children.

The Reading Plus team are extremely helpful and have been able to efficiently help us with any issues. We thoroughly recommend this program.

Martin Stamper, Teacher
Ludworth Primary School

Reading Plus has fulfilled a need for those pupils who need support with fluency and comprehension who would not necessarily have accessed traditional interventions. The amount of progress that the target pupils have made in terms of accuracy and understanding is remarkable. The level of engagement and enjoyment by the pupils is amazing.

The excellent structure of the programme means we can track their progress thoroughly, making minor adjustments as necessary in order to gain the most benefit.

I cannot think of any other intervention which has been so popular that I have pupils asking can they take part.

Sam Fuller , Deputy Headteacher
Ringwood Junior School

Our children breezed through the (2017/18) Reading SAT paper which we attribute largely to the use of Reading Plus. We are so grateful to have found this programme!

Anna Young, Headteacher
Wessington Primary School

We have been using Reading Plus, firstly to assist the Year 6 pupils and latterly, Year 5. The impact has been enormous, with children increasing reading speed and vocabulary. From a measurement point of view, the Year 6 SATs results showed an increase of 25% achieving ARE! The Year 5s are a cohort with many special needs and the range of activities suits them as individuals. The element of competition provides a huge incentive to increase their level and the certificates add to this.

I would recommend the programme to every school, as it is self-differentiating and engaging, whilst providing challenge.

Jane Buttifant, Assistant Headteacher
Endsleigh Holy Child Voluntary Catholic Academy