The greatest success for us from Reading Plus has been the increased motivation from our otherwise reluctant readers; they’re now desperate to earn Combos and Level Up. The program alone is excellent, but the support from the team at Reading Solutions UK has been incredible and has had a positive impact on reading progress for our pupils.

Ricky Lee, Year 6 Teacher and Inclusion Lead
Linthorpe Community Primary School

Since taking on Reading Plus, it has been clear that the children’s fluency, reading speed, word knowledge and comprehension has significantly improved. This has most certainly aided us in achieving record SATs data in reading.

Chris Gould, Year 6 Teacher and Literacy Lead
Bruche Primary School

Reading Plus has had a very positive impact on the children at Forest View Primary. They talk about it with enthusiasm and their love of reading has grown. Our children have made good progress and this has resulted in 82% of children meeting the Expected Standard in Reading and 22% of children achieving Greater Depth!

Forest View Staff have praised the continuous support that they have received from the Reading Plus staff.

Tracy Johnson, Deputy Headteacher
Forest View Primary School

Reading Plus has transformed our culture of reading at our school. It provides an exciting, engaging platform for children to improve, but ultimately enjoy. Before we began using this program, it was an uphill task to get our children to read, but now, thanks to Reading Plus, they love reading!

Michael Suthers, English Lead
Pallister Park Primary School

What a positive impact Reading Plus has had on our results!  Out of our lower-ability Year 6 cohort, 66% achieved the Expected Standard, with 22% achieving Greater Depth. We are thrilled with this as all pupils have made great progress and many have achieved ‘unimaginable targets’!

Danielle Brett, Head of Year 6
Ponteland Middle School

We started using Reading Plus last year after low SATs results from the 2016 Reading paper. We found some children still did not have the stamina, the understanding of a wide range of vocabulary and the ability to read a wide range of texts that was required to be ready for year 7.

Reading Plus has been instrumental in raising the profile of reading further amongst our year 6 children.  Children are highly motivated and look forward to sessions, often completing extra texts at home – something which was unheard of amongst certain children.  They love the rewards and unlocking new levels, and take real pride and achievement in their successes.  The children thoroughly enjoy reading the wide selection of texts, whilst also broadening their vocabulary and developing their comprehension and inference skills.  Most importantly, I feel Reading Plus has given our children greater confidence in accessing more challenging texts which have further encouraged a love of reading.  Furthermore, the children have used the vocabulary learnt in their own independent writing.

For a teacher, we have found the data which Reading Plus provides is extremely accurate and is excellent in terms of plotting where strengths and weaknesses are, tracking individuals and displaying progress.  It is highly motivating watching children progress from their starting points.

This year we achieved 96% in the 2017 reading SAT.  Our children approached the test with the confidence that is required and I do believe Reading Plus was fundamental in helping our children.

Emma Wake, Year 6 Teacher
Christ Church Primary School

We have been using Reading Plus in upper Key Stage 2  for just over a year, after taking part in a successful trial with other schools in our area. Over my teaching career, I have never worked with such an effective, enjoyable and accessible intervention program. The children love it and come in bright and early to get on with their daily, thirty-minute sessions. They love the way they can track themselves and show pure delight when they unlock a new Level or achieve a new word Level count! Reading Solutions UK are the best outside provider I have ever worked with! I really feel like you are part of our team here at Dunston Hill! We look forward to continuing our partnership in years to come and to see many more of our children develop and sustain a life long love for reading.

Miss J. Parkin, Head of KS2
Dunston Hill Primary School

Year 6 have loved Reading Plus and I strongly believe that it has fully prepared them with the stamina to get through their reading SAT. Previous to this year our children have really struggled with their stamina. We are delighted with the outcomes of the program this year, as our Year 6. We look forward to the (SAT’S) results and I am excited to begin it with a Year 5 new class – it will give them all a great head start to Year 6!

Sinead Walsh, Deputy Headteacher
Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School

After falling foul of the much harder Key Stage 2 reading test in 2016, we knew we had to find something that would encourage the children to read even more, especially at home. We invested in Reading Plus and feel the programme has contributed greatly to our much-improved results. In 2018, 92% of our children achieved the expected Standard compared to 46% in 2016. We are delighted with the support and guidance we receive on a regular basis from a locally based, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team. Thank you Reading Plus!

Anna Young, Headteacher
Wessington Primary School

Reading Plus has had a huge impact on fluency and stamina. Children are actually finishing the texts and our results are through the roof!

Sue Richardson, Headteacher
Preston Primary School