Reading Plus has fulfilled a need for those pupils who need support with fluency and comprehension who would not necessarily have accessed traditional interventions. The amount of progress that the target pupils have made in terms of accuracy and understanding is remarkable. The level of engagement and enjoyment by the pupils is amazing.

The excellent structure of the programme means we can track their progress thoroughly, making minor adjustments as necessary in order to gain the most benefit.

I cannot think of any other intervention which has been so popular that I have pupils asking can they take part.

Sam Fuller , Deputy Headteacher
Ringwood Junior School

After falling foul of the much harder Key Stage 2 reading test in 2016, we knew we had to find something that would encourage the children to read even more, especially at home. We invested in Reading Plus and feel the programme has contributed greatly to our much-improved results. In 2018, 92% of our children achieved the expected Standard compared to 46% in 2016. We are delighted with the support and guidance we receive on a regular basis from a locally based, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team. Thank you Reading Plus!

Anna Young, Headteacher
Wessington Primary School

We have been using Reading Plus, firstly to assist the Year 6 pupils and latterly, Year 5. The impact has been enormous, with children increasing reading speed and vocabulary. From a measurement point of view, the Year 6 SATs results showed an increase of 25% achieving ARE! The Year 5s are a cohort with many special needs and the range of activities suits them as individuals. The element of competition provides a huge incentive to increase their level and the certificates add to this.

I would recommend the programme to every school, as it is self-differentiating and engaging, whilst providing challenge.

Jane Buttifant, Assistant Headteacher
Endsleigh Holy Child Voluntary Catholic Academy

We have used Reading Plus for the full year with all of our Year 6 children in 2017-18. Having initially run a 12-week trial in the previous year, we were pleased with the results from that brief period and set up a timetable so that every Year 6 child could use the programme four times a week for half an hour.

The results from the Reading Plus data have been excellent. The vast majority of our children, particularly those we had targeted as they were borderline for passing the SATs, improved the fluency of their reading by 100 words or more. Importantly, this improvement in reading speed came with increased comprehension knowledge.

One of the most important elements of Reading Plus for us is that the children do not just become ‘fast readers’. The programme only allows them to increase their reading speed if their understanding across a wide range of comprehensions skills is also improving. This was borne out in our SATs results, which are our highest since the new curriculum began and more than 20% higher than the previous year. We believe these results are down to Reading Plus complementing our Reading sessions in class.

Next year we have chosen to extend our license so that more children in KS2 can feel the benefits that the programme delivers. We would thoroughly recommend Reading Plus to any school in a similar position to ours.

Andy Rhodes,, English Lead
Whingate Primary School